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Thank you for you interest in PortableVPN. You can order PortableVPN online with a PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account you can create one or pay with a creditcard. The ordering page is in a secure enviroment and your payments will be send though a secure channel over the internet. We only support payment through PayPal at this moment. The price of a single user license of PortableVPN is 14,95 euro Including 21% tax. If you want to order multiple licenses of PortableVPN please send an email to sales@portablevpn.nl.


A PortableVPN license gives the person mentioned (Lawful body's not included) in the license data the right to install PortableVPN and use as much as he or she likes, this applies to the windows version as well as the U3 version. The license can be used on all 1.x versions and all updates of the 1.x version. The name and email used for licensing PortableVPN is based on the the PayPal information. Press the button below to go to the Paypal site to order PortableVPN.

You will receive your license within 5 workingdays, it will be send to the supplied emailaddress.


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